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I’m Oli’s co-blogger and happy to be here.

A little about me:  I love cooking/sharing/exploring world cuisines and fine wines. Growing up, holidays and family celebrations centered around hearty Polish fare. To preserve those memories I compiled and printed an heirloom family cookbook years before the now familiar fundraiser cookbooks became popular.

I have an endless sense of curiosity about the world and everything in it and believe in serendipity which is probably why my career in neuroscience has been such a rewarding journey.

Cooking is not only a passion, but also a creative outlet, relaxation therapy and one of the nicest ways to spend time with friends, whether we cook together or simply sit down to share what we fondly refer to as a “community meal” which is food brought from everyones’ kitchen.

A transplant to Virginia Beach from Boston, I’m still a Red Sox fan.



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  1. nusrat2010 says:

    Hello genius! I have a humble gift for you: I’m passing on an award to you. I always enjoy browsing through your creative blog. And thanks for making my browsing time a joyful one. Come check it out:

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