Hi there,

I’m Óli. I come from Iceland but living in Sweden since 1997.  I have been a professional chef for the last 30 years.  Good friend of Gina and we are working on a food project in Virginia Beach.

Some of my credentials:

* Graduated 1981 from Ester Mosessons culinary school in Gothenburg.
* Graduated 1988 as a Chef from Hospitality and Culinary School of Iceland, Reykjavik.
* Did studies with Danish Patisserie Gert Sørensen http://www.gert-s.dk/
* Got my Masters degree in Cooking 1990.
* Internationally I have worked in Sweden and at Le Gavroche in  London for the Roux Brothers http://www.le-gavroche.co.uk/

With Albert Roux
With Albert Roux at “Le Gavroche”  in London

With Claude Terrail
With Claude Terrail at “La Tour d’Argent”, Paris

At Loftleiðir with Bjarni
Worked for Hótel Loftleiðir, Reykjvík

My Masterdegree in Cooking certificate
Master degree in cooking certificate

12 Responses to Óli

  1. Marian Gillesen says:

    Hello oli, What a great site is this. Thank you for the link.
    It is a pleasure for me to look at it. Great recipes and great pictures.
    you will hear more from me.

    Congrats and I wish you a lot of succes with the book. Marian from Holland alias Marianneke2011

  2. fanny says:

    Great site, recipies and pictures, looking forward to see more. All the best wishes with the book.

  3. nusrat2010 says:

    Hello genius! I have a humble gift for you: I’m passing on an award to you. I always enjoy browsing through your creative blog. And thanks for making my browsing time a joyful one. Come check it out: http://myselfnusrat.wordpress.com/2013/11/16/the-marchant-of-happiness/

    • Hi Nursrat and thank you for passing the award. Its always great to see your comments on our blog. You have a wonderful blog too Nusrat and its so warm and personal. Your pictures are excellent too. I have to tell you that I saw this picture of a person who is picking up some rosmarin. I was able to feel the smell of the rosmarin when i looked at the picture.It was so inspiring that i just wanted to get a bunch of it and start making someting out of it. My first thoughts where a lamb steak and rosmarin ice cream. Have a great day Oli 🙂

  4. Hi Oli,
    Wow lots of experience in the kitchen eh? I am a pastry chef by school but I love the whole culinary field. Would love to cook with you one day, lol! 😛

  5. Hello Oli, What a nice time we had at Rosie Mc Gee’s. Talking to you was really fun. Just those things we had in common. Margreet and I had a big laughter drinking our beers and listening to your stories. What a guy! I’m goin’ to read this blog, a quick read isn’t good enough I’m gonna dig into this!

    Kind regards and cheers! Henk

    • Allthatcooking says:

      Hi Henk !
      You were quite a couple. We had great time in Copenhagen. I am glad you came home to Nederlands ok. I have been busy here in Iceland since I came but things are slowing down now. I am glad you like the blog. In the right corner you can add your email and then you get a mail when we publish something. Today or at latest we will pulish how to do Puff Pastry and also Palmiers. In the week my daughter will guest the blog with her Toblerone Chocoladmousse. Feel free to comment what you like or even dislike lol and absolutly let me know how it goes if you make something from the blog.

      Hope you have great Hollidays
      Its snowing in Reykjavik now and its exactly as it should be this time of year !
      best regards to you and Marggreet and cheers !


  6. Love some of these recipes Oli! I am happy to see a hoisin sauce recipe as I do not like buying it with msg. And paçki! 😋. You showed me this blog when we ended up sitting next to each other and got to chatting at wasserhund brewery. Cheers!

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