A Thank You Note


Life is good.  We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you are enjoying a lovely, long holiday weekend.

We were talking the other day and Oli pointed out that 2 years ago on November 29, we hit the publish button for the first time and with his epic Turducken recipe All That Cooking was born.  We reminisced about the journey and thought we would share it with you.  It’s been a marvelous two years with some nice surprises along the way.  Like when Food Porn Daily chose Buzz then Crème Caramel as their daily feature.  We were delighted when the Toblerone candy people tweeted about our Candy Store Ice Cream and when the Huffington Post linked to our Icelandic Pancakes.

The number of visitors to our blog is constantly increasing and it’s always fun to see where they live.  We have regular world-wide visitors from about 175 nations:  Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between.  There are regulars from countries like Ethiopia, Åland Island,  Nepal, Tajikistan and Mongolia to name a few.

We looked back on some of the “Mosts” and remembered that Oli’s Party Pizzas blew allthatcooking off the charts.  The number of visitors that day was astronomical!  Buuz, or Mongolian dumplings continues to garner the most number of hits and people are still directed to our blog because they are looking for Buuz!  Flying Jacob is the recipe with the most unusual combination of ingredients.  Raspberry Millefeuille is the most re-tweeted recipe.

We could go on and on, but this is not a post about braging.  This is a thank you note to all who visit, like our posts, share our food and our table.  At Polish celebrations we wish “Sto Lat” (one hundred years).  Thank you to our friends for the first two years and here’s to the future.

Sto Lat!
Gina and Oli

Blog shotDSC_0345









About Allthatcooking

We are an Icelander living in Sweden and New England Yankee living in Virginia who share not only a great friendship but also a passion for world food. Our particular interest lies in the types of dishes that bring people together at celebrations and during holidays. When we take an occasional break from working on our global cookbook, we post on what is now a side project - our blog . Visit us at www.allthatcooking.com
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2 Responses to A Thank You Note

  1. veronica gantley says:

    I cant believe it has been that long already. Happy 2nd anniversary. I remember that turducken.

  2. Angie@Angie's Recipes says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary, Gina, Oli!

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