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Cinnamon Palmiers (Elephant Ears)

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A Treat for Santa What did you leave for Santa to munch on?  Instead of cookies and milk, we fueled him up on some home made palmiers.  You might know them as elephant ears, butterflies, palm leaf cookies, or French … Continue reading

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Icelandic Kleinur

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    Happy, Happy Neighbors It’s spring in Sweden.  Cherry trees are in full bloom and all’s right with the world. So, the afternoon project was making kleinur.  This recipe is Icelandic and kleinur are probably the second most popular snack after … Continue reading

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Blackberry Port Wine Jelly Roll

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  Twofers Two food philosophies by which I live are:  Chocolate cures everything.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Our post today offers you this culinary twofer:  When life gives you blackberries, make blackberry jam, spread that jam over a light, … Continue reading

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Sörur – Chocolate Glazed Buttercream Macaroons

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Every now and then we have a guest blogger. This time Oli’s daughter shares her favorite cookies. Dagrún Ása Ólafsdóttir “There are not many things that remind me more of Christmas than “Sörur“ as they are called in Icelandic and … Continue reading

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Fond Memories It was finally December 13. In the first light of dawn, she quietly dressed in a long white angel-like robe and tied a red sash around her waist.  She prepared a small tray of coffee and golden saffron … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Soufflé

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There is probably nothing more Icelandic than rhubarb. More often than not, you will find rhubarb on the table in Iceland.  It’s an accompaniment to Icelandic lamb steak, and a must with fishcakes.  Rhubarb can very often be found on the … Continue reading

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Raspberry Millefeuille

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Question:  What do cream puffs, napoleons, éclairs, fruit tarts and Boston cream pie have in common? Answer:  crème pâtissière What’s crème pâtissière you ask?  OOH LA LA!!  Think vanilla scented, custard-like pastry cream. Now, sandwich crème pâtissière between puff pastry and … Continue reading

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Summer Pudding

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OH MAMA! White bread never tasted so good !! Truth be told, I cannot remember when I last tasted white bread.  Give me whole grain, rye, sourdough, pumpernickel… anything but white bread.  My friend Angie knows that if I plan … Continue reading

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