Warm Smoked Salmon

Warm smoked salmon

Warm Smoked Salmon

Here’s one more chapter in our home smoking primer. Warm smoked salmon has a different texture from cold smoked salmon. Unlike the cold smoked version, the fillet is thoroughly cooked and has a deeper smokey flavor. But make no mistake, they are both delicious. You can serve warm smoked salmon hot or cold and as you can see by the picture the skin is easily removed if you choose.  Try a simple dish of warm smoked salmon with some tiny new potatoes, and maybe a creamy horseradish sauce.  Substitute it for tuna and make warm smoked salmon salad sandwiches.  It’s great with potato salad.

The holidays are coming. Make life easy for yourself.  Smoke up some salmon (cold and warm) and make them the stars of your holiday buffet.  Then sit back, enjoy the festivities,  the oohs and aahs, and some home smoked nibbles.

Start this recipe the day before serving, as the salmon needs to be refrigerated in brine for 24 hours. 

1/2 pound fresh salmon fillet; skin on, pin bones removed.
4 tablespoons dry brine
3/4 cups fine wood chips
Smoker or multi-layer steamer pot
Sprinkle half the brine evenly over the bottom of a deep serving dish. Nestle salmon on the brine and sprinkle the remaining brine evenly over the top.  Cover dish with plastic wrap and refrigerate 24 hours.
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  *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Ready to smoke
A lot of smoke is produced from just a little bit of wood.  If possible, carry out the actual smoking process outside.  Even with open windows, your house will get very smokey.  Oli used a hot plate for the heat source.

Also, know in what order you are going to build you smoking tower (pot bases, flat steamer inserts, etc.) because once you get going you need to put it all together without delay.

  1. Prepare the wood as described in our primer.
  2. Wash the brine off the salmon fillet under cold running water. Then pat dry on a paper towel.
    g h
  3.  Spread the wood evenly over the bottom of the smoker.  Cut the salmon fillet in 5 to 6 equal pieces and place them on the steamer insert.
    Set the burner to high.
    1 2
  4.  Put the smoker on the burner when it reaches high. In a few minutes the first thing you will see is an odorless gray steam. When it turns to a strong, brownish smoke it’s ready. Now put in the steamer insert with the salmon and cover with the lid.
  5. The first thing you will see is rising steam. Then thick, dark smoke.  If you have a glass lid, you won’t be able to see the salmon because of the smoke. When smoke seeps out from under the lid, let the pot stay on the smoker for about 10 minutes.  Don’t open the lid during the smoking process.
  6. Keep the lid on and move the whole pot from the direct heat. Cover it with a towel and leave it alone for about 5 minutes.
  7. Remove the salmon and serve warm or cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate to serve cold.  You will be able to remove the skin very easily after smoking.
    3 p

    * * * * * * *

Warm smoked salmon

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11 Responses to Warm Smoked Salmon

  1. veronica gantley says:

    Oh boy would this be good on a bagel!

    • Hi Veronica
      Yes you are right ! You can make a fantastic salad with this warmed smoked salmon. Just add some mayonnaise, crème fraiche, chopped hardboiled eggs, parsley or chives little lemon juice and you have a salad that is fantastic and great to spread on a bagel or toast.
      We wish you a happy Christmas and a great new blog year !


  2. Angie@Angie's Recipes says:

    Gosh…could I come over for the dinner? Those smoked salmon steaks look out of this world!

  3. deliciouslynell says:

    Looks delicious!

  4. Atika says:

    Your smoked salmon looks amazing

  5. mikalia howard says:

    hi this looks good

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